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Our unique phenolic resin is made of high strength, anti-wear, and heat resistant material — ideal for billiard balls. But material color control is very difficult and vulnerable to external environmental impacts arising from changes...

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※ High elasticity and reaction fast
※ High sensitivity
※ Sharp ball angle
※ Tail speed of the ball is high
※ The initial velocity of the sphere is slow

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CYCLOP each ball takes 23 days, through 16 different production process can be completed. Our employees must have strict training before they can go online. Clean room standard workshop, strict temperature and humidity control...

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HSIEH, Yu-Wen 謝喻雯

Born: 22nd June, 1993

Began playing in: 2010


2018 Amway eSpring International Women 9-Ball Championship 17th Place

2017 Amway eSpring International Women 9-Ball Championship 17th Place

2017 All Japan Championship 9th Place

2016 Amway eSpring International Women 9-Ball Championship 9th Place

2016 National University Women 8-Ball Championship Runner-Up

2015 Japan Open 5th Place

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