In Greek mythology, the Cyclopes were a race of strong giants who were master builders and craftsmen and persistently pursued perfection. Like these mythological icons, we at XHIN BIING have dedicated ourselves over the past decade to the pursuit of the perfect material for billiard balls, resulting in a revolutionary resin material.

2010 SHIN BIING became the second company in the World and first in Asia who can creative technology to control color of liquid phenolic resin.

Our unique resin is made of high strength, anti-wear, and heat resistant material — ideal for billiard balls. To provide the perfect color, each ball must go through a 16-step process and takes 23 days to complete. Perfection comes to those who wait.

The birth of CYCLOP is not only another proud achievement in XHIN BIING history, but it also marks the birth of a rising legendary brand.